Un cas pour Windows Defender: Triade de scores parfaits dans AV-Test

Here's a strange thing: a case for a free, bundled software solution being better (in the metrics concerned and evaluated) than paid, third-party counterparts. We're writing of none other than Microsoft's own Windows Defender suite, which is bundled with Windows and offers a security solution integrated into your OS. While the 'paid is always better' philosophy has been proven wrong time and again and isn't that much of a powerhouse behind users' thought process anymore, the fact is that Windows Defender has somewhat been taken for granted as an 'undesirability' in users' computers. However, a comparison made by AV-Test, which pits many of the available cybersecurity solutions available on the market, has found Microsoft's Windows Defender to be worthy of a triad of perfect scores.

Les résultats pour Windows Defender incluent des scores parfaits (6.0) dans les catégories «Protection», «Performance» et Utilisabilité ». La période de test se réfère à mai à juin de cette année, et seuls F-Secure SAFE 17, Kaspersky Internet Security 19 et Norton Security 22.17 ont réussi à obtenir les mêmes scores parfaits que Windows Defender version 4.18. Consultez le lien pour le score de votre solution de cybersécurité de choix. Mais il est clair que du moins en ce qui concerne cette période, Windows Defender a fait le tour de certaines solutions payantes.

Source: AV-Test