Cartes routières AMD et Intel pour 2018 ont fui

Bluechip computer, a German IT distribution company, has inadvertently spilled the beans on AMD and Intel's plans for the remainder of this year, shedding some more light on a number of products whose existence was still somewhat marred in fog. The information comes straight from a webinar Bluechip presented to its industry partners - a 30-minute presentation which made its way to YouTube.
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Les informations glanées sont une confirmation, en quelque sorte, du lancement prévu par AMD de leur plate-forme Z490 en juin; le chipset B450 à venir un peu plus tard, en juillet (un produit attendu, dans tous les sens); et Threadripper de deuxième génération d'AMD, une quantité déjà connue, qui devrait accompagner un rafraîchissement de la plate-forme X399. On Intel's side of the camp, some ill-kept secrets have apparently been confirmed: the launch of the company's Z390 chipset, for instance, is expected to happen in Q3 2018 - some time after Computex, which might mean a relatively sparse landscape when it comes to teases and new product announcements based on Intel's upcoming top of the line chipset. Oh, and that unicorn of an 8-core Coffee Lake part is apparently being prepped for 4Q 2018, with silicon being moved to partner hands as early as June. Sources: AnandTech, Bluechip Webinar (since removed)