La série de cartes graphiques RX 500 d'AMD est considérée comme une nouvelle image de marque de la série RX 400

The folks at Heise online have put forward a report on how AMD's RX 500 series of graphics cards will be little less than direct rebrands of the Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPUs that AMD introduced with its RX 400 series of graphics cards. Apparently, a straight rebrand is in order, with the RX 580 entering the fray in the place of the RX 480, the RX 570 substituting the RX 470, and so on. Heise reports that the Polaris 10-based RX 500 should see the light of day as soon as April 4th, with Polaris 11-based solutions coming in a little later, on April 11th.

Videocardz, cependant, signale que ceux-ci seront légèrement plus qu'un simple changement de marque - si vous pouvez appeler une légère bosse dans les vitesses d'horloge comme l'emporter sur un changement de marque. Le RX 580 est censé être livré avec des horloges de base à 1340 MHz (74 MHz de plus que la référence RX 480), le RX 570 affichant une augmentation beaucoup moins importante de 38 MHz par rapport à son homologue RX 470. Videocardz signale également la possibilité qu'AMD présente un nouveau GPU Polaris 12 avec la série RX 500, qui sera apparemment une partie encore plus bas que même Polaris 11.

AMD has had a recent history of following with rebrands every other year, which is disappointing, though these do make business sense. They're just not what we, as enthusiasts, like to see. This approach, however, goes on to confirm a little of what we already knew about Vega, and takes after AMD's approach with the Fiji GPUs - rebrand the lower and mainstream end of the GPU spectrum, whilst introducing a new, high-end design. As we know, Vega is an enthusiast-aimed GPU, and so a RX 500 series being introduced in April does pave the way for AMD to have a complete graphics line-up for 2017, starting from the bottom up - remember that AMD's own announcements put the launch of Vega strictly before the end of June. A RX 500 series also makes sense in regards to branding, since AMD has branded their RX Vega-based cards as simply 'Radeon RX Vega', opting for a name distinction between its mainstream and enthusiast-class cards, much like the company has done before with their Fury branding. Sources:, Videocardz