DOOM Eternal prend également en charge le lancer de rayons

In another iD Software game supporting ray tracing (we already know Wolfenstein: Young Blood will support it), id Software's Marty Stratton confirmed that DOOM Eternal will also support the graphics technology. In what capacity, it is unclear as of yet; whether for a global illumination solution, like Metro: Exodus, or just for reflections and shadows like most games seem to be using, is unknown at this point. Looking back at how the 'original' DOOM looked, and considering changes to graphics technologies under the new iD Tech 7 engine, however, DOOM Eternal really is looking to be one of the best looking games - at least on the PC platform.

Comme Marty Stratton l'a dit, `` RTX donne un aspect incroyable, vous savez. Il y a de grands avantages, mais cela n'élargit pas nécessairement notre public ou la façon dont quelque chose comme Stadia le fait, mais absolument les gens peuvent s'attendre à ce que DOOM Eternal et id Tech 7 prennent en charge le traçage de rayons. Absolument. Je veux dire que nous aimons ce genre de choses, l'équipe adore ça et je pense que nous le ferons mieux que quiconque honnêtement.

Source: Marty Stratton @ Giant Bomb