NVIDIA: Ne vous attendez pas à ce que le prix de base de la série 20 soit disponible au lancement

Tom Petersen, NVIDIA's director of technical marketing, in a webcast with HotHardware, expressed confidence in the value of its RTX 20-series graphics cards - but threw a wrench on consumers' pricing expectations, set by NVIDIA's own MSRP. That NVIDIA's pricing for their Founder's Edition graphics cards would give partners leeway to increase their margins was a given - why exactly would they sell at lower prices than NVIDIA, when they have increased logistical (and other) costs to support? And this move by NVIDIA might even serve as a small hand-holding for partners - remember that every NVIDIA-manufactured graphics cad sold is one that doesn't go to its AIB's bottom-lines, so there's effectively another AIB contending for their profits. This way, NVIDIA gives them an opportunity to make some of those profits back (at least concerning official MSRP).
Tom Petersen avait ceci à dire sur la webémission HotHardware: `` Les partenaires vont essentiellement atteindre toute la fourchette de prix entre notre prix d'entrée de gamme, qui sera de 499 $, jusqu'à ce qu'ils jugent être le prix approprié pour la valeur qu'ils '' re livraison. (…) Dans mon esprit, la question est vraiment de dire 'est-ce que je vais jamais voir ces prix d'entrée?' Et la vérité est: oui, vous verrez ces prix d'entrée. Et c'est vraiment juste une question de savoir comment les partenaires abordent le marché. Généralement, lorsque nous lançons, il y a plus de demande que d'offre et cela a tendance à augmenter le prix de l'offre au lancement. »

Of course, there were some mitigating words left for last: 'But we are working really hard to drive that down so that there is supply at the entry point. We're building a ton of parts and it's the natural behaviour of the market,' Tom Petersen continued. 'So it could be just the demand/supply equation working its way into retail pricing - but maybe there's more to it than that.' Sources: HotHardware Webcast, via PCGamesN