Scythe déploie le refroidisseur de processeur de type tour d'entrée de gamme SCY-920S

Scythe unveiled the SCY-920S, an entry-level tower-type CPU cooler meant as a quieter substitute to your stock CPU cooler, with a thermal load capacity of 95 W. Its design involves an aluminium heatsink base through which two 6 mm thick copper heat pipes pass, making direct contact with the CPU, which then fan out through the fin-stack. A 92 mm fan ventilates the fin-stack. Spinning between 500 to 2,000 RPM, this fan pushes 7.1 to 48.2 CFM of air, with 8.3 to 28.3 dBA noise output. Measuring 87 mm x 62 mm x 127 mm (DxWxH), the SCY-920S weighs about 280 g. Among the CPU socket types supported are AM4 and LGA115x. The cooler goes on sale around mid-December.