Steam présente Steam Labs

Valve is busy as ever in its quest to bring better experiences to gamers all over the world. However, we as gamers can't see what are they working on until it is released. But that is about to change. Valve is today introducing Steam Labs, a community hub for all the experimental features that are being worked on behind the scenes. Valve says that the reason for creating this is that '… we create many experimental features with codenames like The Peabody Recommender and Organize Your Steam Library Using Morse Code. For the first time, we're giving these works-in-progress a home called Steam Labs, where you can interact with them, tell us whether you think they're worth pursuing further, and if so, share your thoughts on how they should evolve.'

Pour l'instant, ils publient trois expériences pour montrer le but des laboratoires, appelés Micro Trailers, The Interactive Recommender et The Automated Show. Toutes ces expériences sont conçues pour aider les utilisateurs à trouver un jeu qu'ils aiment. Les expériences peuvent être essayées sur le site Web des Labs, et après les avoir utilisées, vous pouvez partager vos opinions sur le hub cumunity de Steam Labs. Pour suivre les futures nouvelles et annonces de Steam Labs, vous pouvez rejoindre le groupe communautaire Steam Labs.