La vente d'été Steam 2019 est en vigueur à partir d'aujourd'hui jusqu'au 9 juillet

The annual Steam game sale celebration is here, in the form of the Summer Sale. The now legendary platform for games consumption on the PC ecosystem has announced that from today through July 9th, thousands of games are experiencing price cuts that can go up to 90%. If you're planning to get your game fix, and it isn't an EPIC Games Store Exclusive, you can try and pick it up here at a discounted price - provided you can actually reach the site. Storefront price cuts are Devil May Cry 5 (-34%) and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (-50%) but you can also grab Ni-oh, for example, at a 60% discount. The new Summer Sale now features a Steam Summer Grand Prix mode, where users can band together in groups to complete milestones (including unlocking quests and achievements) that will grant users games from their wishlist as they achieve 'Pit Stops'.

En l'état, il semble qu'il y ait eu un problème de connexion, les utilisateurs signalant des erreurs '502 - Bad gateway'. Pour moi, la page apparaît simplement vierge, avec même pas un seul rapport d'erreur affiché (après avoir fini d'écrire cette pièce, j'ai réessayé la page du magasin de vapeur, et cela semble fonctionner - du moins pour l'instant.

Sources: Steam, TechPowerUp user @64K